Turkish R&B Pioneer : The Eyeden Club

Who is Eyeden?

🗣 Pronounced - (i-den)

As the first pioneer of the 'Turkish R&B' sound from the UK, Eyeden brings a unique flavor to the music scene, singing in his native Cypriot dialect. With over 267,966 views on YouTube and more than 40,000 streams on Spotify, Eyeden's soulful vocals and sharp rapping ability have garnered him a dedicated following. Eyeden's talent has been recognized by numerous media outlets, with features on the front pages of leading newspapers and airplay on BBC Radio 1, BBC CWR, and BBC Radio 1xtra. He has also graced the stage at prestigious events such as Godiva Festival and the London Youth Games, and has organized 6 independent live shows, attracting over 100 attendees from around the world. Eyeden's international appeal is reflected in the global reach of his merchandise, which has been purchased by fans in the U.S, Japan, Ireland, and Turkiye. 

In addition to his music and merchandise, Eyeden has started a private members club for fans of his music. Members get access to pre-order music, merch, tickets to live shows, and music videos weeks and even months before the general public, giving them exclusive access to Eyeden's latest releases.

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