Turkish R&B Pioneer : The Eyeden Club

What is the 'Eyeden Club'?

The Eyeden Club is a private members club, that offers exclusive benefits to music enthusiasts who appreciate Eyeden's artistry. Fans may purchase unreleased musical content such as songs, music videos, never-seen-before live footage, merchandise and tickets to live shows, weeks and months prior to the content's official release on major platforms.

What motivated the establishment of the Eyeden Club?


For years now, independent artists such as myself have been deprived of rightful earnings by streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music. As a result, it is time for unsigned artists to reclaim what is rightfully theirs and begin earning from their musical creations.

What impact do you believe the Eyeden Club will have on the music industry?


The potential influence is significant. It is hoped that the Eyeden Club's model will inspire other musicians to pursue a similar approach, abandoning reliance on third-party services to create their own opportunities and reclaim financial leverage.

How can i keep up to date with the Eyeden Club?


Private Instagram page. Eyeden Club


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