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Image of The New Album By Eyeden - Majid : Türkçe R&B

The New Album By Eyeden - Majid : Türkçe R&B

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Majid, the name my granddad was given, left Cyprus at 19 in 1952 with his British Passort for a new life in England. His passing in 2018 profoundly impacted me. This collection unreleased songs, crafted between 2020 and 2023, reflect a journey I never anticipated sharing in an album. The passing of an artist by the name of Jevon, that inspired a generation of Coventry artists, made me realise that I have to publicly release these songs im hoarding. Yet, here I am, living in Istanbul for the foreseeable future, merging my Cypriot heritage with the vibe of this city. I've chosen to release this album on Father's Day to honor the presence and father role my granddad played in my life while he was alive. What a time it has been. I can't wait for you to experience this with me.


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